About Us

We are a family farm set in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin. The 4th & 5th generations farming while raising the 6th generation.

We Have One Goal

To Provide High Quality
Shorthorn & Normande Genetics & Beef

The Mueller family has been farming for many years. Mike and Sharon started out with dairy. But as Matt got older, he decided beef was more his style. Shorthorn beef specifically. Mike figured Normandes looked interesting and that started their beef herds. Over the years they grew their  cattle numbers to support their family. So when Beth came along it was only natural that they expand the herd. But this time they also added kids to the mix! Matt and Beth have 3 daughters that are active in helping on the farm and a newly added son.

Our Story

We are 4th and 5th generation farmers. Our beef story started in 1990 with the purchase of a Shorthorn female and Normandes were added in 1992. Our operation has since grown to 100 registered Shorthorns and 100 registered Normandes, along with 100 commercial cows that are crosses between the Shorthorns and Normandes. Along with the cows, we operate a feedlot where all non-replacement cattle are finished out and sold on the grid with carcass data collected.

Our Mission

We are passionate about raising quality animals for beef and for breeding. But we also expect our cattle to work for us. We keep our cows smaller framed so they are more efficient with their feed. We measure most measurable data such as birth, weaning & yearling weights, along with udder/teat scores & how docile the cow is at calving. We also collect carcass data about our purebred cattle to know what their end result is as beef. 

Our Farm

Plenty of Room to Roam...

Our farm sits on 200 acres & consists of rotationally grazed pasture. There are 25 permanent paddocks set up with a lane system on each half. The other half of our operation is located 5 miles north on 400 acres of high quality crop ground. That is where our 400 head capacity feedlot is set on 

Mike’s mother’s farm. There we raise corn to be used as feed: high-moisture to keep in a silo, but also to be chopped for silage & snaplage. We raise alfalfa, oats, rye, sudan grass & other forage blends to use for hay or cover crops to graze during the fall & winter.